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february 2004

290204   2359

its a leap year day - woohoo!

click for sweetsss*

busy busy busy...
things to do- 
# send off grandma's 77th birthday card
# boat party- tuesday
# numerical tests
# print papers
# cancel subscription
# dquah article (still!!!)
# get stuff up in
# muse - hysteria (and it f*cking good)
# parents' birthday presents (!)

in unrelated matters, i'm proud to say i've sorted out that stack of Cds by my bedside table. It's amazing how long i left it to accumulate in piles and how many times it got knocked over and scattered... now its neatly stuck in cases and divided according to music, software, movies etc... rarrr! 

i'm also trying to  get out of a cycle of zero-inertia. my days from now on will be filled with lots of mini accomplishments such as the above and the occasional major accomplishment every now and then. i will thus record my mini accomplishments and feel pleased with myself, hence believing that i am on a roll. how long will this last ? until summer i hope... 

'berjuta-juta stansa susila, yang inginku lafaz padamu...terpulang pada dirimu untuk mahu- tak mahu mendengar- cerita sadis ini yang kupendam bertahun-tahun lamanya...'          

how is your day going ? it's a monday when you read this and a new month- say something random...

270204   0634

oh no...

hip hop is on a roll. 

recently, i've downloaded -
Andre 3000- Hey ya
Kellis- Milkshake
Black Eyed Peas-misc.

but then again, i've also acquired a package, courtesy of my favourite feline dealer with new albumsss : 
A Perfect Circle
Five For Fighting
Norah Jones 

meanwhile in real life, I've only got 2 more days to finish up my applications to live the life of a well spoilt summer intern for big financial companies. as you'd have expected, my chances are pretty damn slim. Especially when answering questions like : 

Accomplishments so far ?
Recording and marketing an independent DIY album with my amateur band. (sold only about 100 copies then got lazy and stopped printing and conning relatives) 
Getting a black belt in Tae Kwon Do (at age 12 then stopped and completely forgot all the patterns, developed a puny 55kg frame ever since.)
Winning a national debating cup (annoyed my teammates and skipped lots of boring lessons to go meet hot girl school speakers)

random thought #1- it doesn't get more surreal than listening to burt bacharach music at 6am

random thought #2- everything is surreal when you're wide awake at 6am...

random thought #3- why does saying surreal sound so cool  ?

'shake it- shake it- shake it like a polaroid peekcha'

230204   0204

you knew it'd come sooner or later...

updated- crapinteractive! , brit awards, underrated

oh and by the way, I liked Something about Mary but Along Came Polly is rubbish. i should learn that some free movie passes should just be passed.  

now playing- counting crows- sleep all day

'...wear a dress so i can get it off real easy'


200204   0149 it only Thursday ?

struggling to get through the week, it feels as if i've been asleep since saturday... feels like quicksand. the only things that seem to be making sense these days are what i read online- the blogs etc, and dinner time. the numbers and formulae float around like flies waiting to die in the sticky substance that is my brain. 

the conversations play on like bad recordings- i tell myself i need a holiday, but then i remember what my Easter break will comprise of. then i tell myself to look forward to a fleeting summer, but even that is a blunt comfort. 

i can't get through this without you...

now playing- sixpence- we have forgotten



after the roses have been plucked

vday goodies- 

him to her - a mug, flowers & chocs  courtesy of the internet
her to him - a big big card, kick ass headphones courtesy of hy

did you know ? - 14th Feb is also V-day- Vagina day- where women (and men) the world over can take a moment to cherish and pamper that controversial, often abused organ. -updated- vagina pseudo monologues

now playing- the boxer- simon and garfunkel  

movie checklist-anticipation...

#lost in translation
#the dreamers
#before sunset
#house of sand and fog
#alien vs predator (kickassss)



weekend end

alone in a circle of hearts. - other images updated

next week - applications, tests, sushi, more applications and assignments
the days fly by but i like the routine of it-

friday night highlights -
^some bikers congregation - a whole mass of people on wheels whizzing around the streets with music blaring-  
^cheap beers
^battle of the shots
^cartwheeling on the cold pavement
^getting girls to lie down in the middle of the road
^wicked photo opportunities
^surviving through most of saturday on only 1 hour's sleep

pictures posted here- under under personal -log in- thisguysplace, if you're a friend, tag the board with your email add. included and i'll mail you the password. 

now playing- untitled # 7


stage hungry

i like writing here, but you know what'd really rock my socks- if i could play and sing to you here. not sure if it'll rock your socks tho...

now playing- lo- end of the universe

i wonder if he ever had a valentine ?

just something random today-
a homeless man lay on the steps in one of the buildings of my uni- he 
lay there holding a small radio and shouted at people who passed by- and 
i'm thinking- if he really didnt want to be disturbed he'd be laying 
somewhere less prominent- but no- he was on the steps. 
can you imagine being so alone you'd resort to seeking attention in 
such a way ?
[unrelated]- if you're reading this and you see me tonight buy me a drink!
Why ? 
urm... if you do i'll write you a poem. 
random musing- on valentines day, poems should be used as currency! 


before sunrises and sets

updated- purple rain

just got an email from hairy about this the sequel to before sunrise - one of the movies which shaped most of my ideologies on romance and love. pretty coincidental with the update of the article on purple rain. judging from the reviews and initial critics' reaction, its gonna be good- with ethan hunt and julie delpy reprising their roles. does anyone have any bootleg copies of the orginal before sunrise ? or is a hairy indian nerd the only other person i know who has caught this flick ?


sequel prequel schmequel

updated- trilogies

recently downloaded- a perfect circle live in concert-
paz lenchantin rox
my sox!
what is it with chicks in dresses playing rock music onstage amongst ugly only-a-mother-could-love-them band members ? gotta get kat to start learning the bass or tambourine or something...

now playing- gollum's song

random thought- i eat too much mayonnaise...

random weird moment- this woman sitting in front of the pc next to me eats mussels out of a plastic box with some gross looking liquid and proceeds to wipe her hand on the cloth seat.

random weird conversation- (heard while walking home)
woman on cell phone : hello, hey how're ya doing ? ...(pause)... its me !...(pause) what do mean ?... (pause) it really is me- don't pull this shit on me now man. i swear it's me...  


so tell me...

now that you're here, what is it you'd like to see in this place ? 

say something random- here or tag it.

quote of the moment : apoo from the simpsons-

thank you- please come again ?


100watts- painting pictures

now playing- bic runga

updated- imagery ***


a less complicated friday in the city

updated- reviews-the last samurai

in related news- my eventful friday night consisted of

^microwavable steak
^greek dip and toast 
^lambrusco white 
^simon fuller's wisdom (AmericanIdol)
^samantha's health issues(SATC)
^funny commercials(Tarrant on TV)
^southpark kids and breast implants 
^and a dvd in my room with the lights turned down 
ah- bachelordom. 


dead batteries and aching neck/leg muscles

updated- reviews- john mayer live in concert

and so the sign read :

no crowd surfing, offenders will be evicted from the venue after first warning. 


janet's nipple

site's up and running- after all the tweaking, i hope i stay on this one for long enough. 

am debating janet jackson's nipple with kat. if you've not heard, some superbowl performance got a bit raunchy and justin timberlake ripped part of her top off. publicity stunt or accident ? hmm... jacksons and their naughty little boys... 

read somewhere : "The larger a crowd you require around you to breathe easier, the more you suffocate."


listening to : counting crows- omaha


had excellent bangers and mash for only 1.99 quid at Cov. Garden with raleigh, toi & jas - while at soho got approached by some dude trying to sell me drugs- played dumb and walked off. Disturbing. 

still tweaking the designs and shit for this site- not quite sure why i'm doing this again- 

things to do list:

#finish data entry
#send off remaing apps
#dquah article for annmarie
#readup OR stuff
#john mayer gig on weds (!!!)
... which reminds me- i havent burnt the stuff for litha, hy and yt.


quote of the day:

time expands and then contracts when you're spinning in the lips of someone who's no ordinary girl

counting crows-hard candy


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