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Brit Awards


Never really cared about the Brit awards. Was always somewhere between the hip of the MTV awards and the tedium of the Grammy's. Lacking the prestige of both, with its only redeeming factor- its risqué live performances- (being liberal europe and all - where barenaked tits on newspapers is a norm) recently usurped by the MTV Europe Awards - by far the most tantalising awards show.

Having just caught it on the telly a few hours ago, lemme see if i can recall its highlights. A poor red carpet sequence- you know the one where they repeatedly switch between a bunch of people chilling on some sofa and some manic reporters live on the red carpet, involved lots of boring British chatter.

Who is Jamie Cullum ? For some reason he's Britain's Norah Jones or something. Was pretty ok from his live jazz duet. Other notable live performances, a slightly overweight Beyonce and that infectious Outkast number. I just love the shake-it shake-it and the finger flicking. Alicia Keys, Missy-i-lost-half-my-body-Elliot and Gwen Stefani did a rendition of Prince's Kiss which didnt quite rock the house as well as the presenters had promised early on in the show. Duran Duran upon receiving their Outstanding Achievement award proceeded to drag 3 songs without any of them getting a stroke. 50 Cent did that overplayed shorty its ya burfdei song. The performance of the year had to be the Black Eyed Peas - incredibly tight live- don't they really remind you of the Fugees ?

Busted (who??) almost overshowed The Darkness- with a tie of 2 awards until The Darkness apparently stole the day with a treble. Much respect to the crooked teeth boys-  they've risen from obscurity in a bang- but really- "the best British rock band in decades" ?? I thought Muse was really good though- must remember to download that video.

An interesting observation- not a single Gareth Gates or Boyzone type act around- unless you count Busted that is. The Brits gave nods to classic rock (The Darkness), jazz (Jamie Cullum), tasteful hip hop (BEP & Outkast) and dead pop (Duran Duran). It could've been a lot worse and we know it.

BTW- does anyone have a picture of Scarlett Johanson in the dress she wore while presenting best album to The Darkness ? Never really got the buzz about her, but dayamn that dress was hot. 






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