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Underrated but Excellent


Bill Murray's performance in Lost in Translation seemed to surprise loads of people, but really, he's probably one of the more familiar faces in the movie business. There're plenty of other un-pretty faces, actors/tresses who lack the charisma A-List celebs have, yet can hold their own (and sometimes outshine them) in terms of talent. So here's an article saluting the few people i regard Underated but Excellent


William H. Macy - credits and notable performances include-Mystery Men, Jurassic Park 3  and Happy Texas. You'll probably remember him from the movie - A stellar actor- particularly playing a gay sherriff deputy dawg in Happy Texas.

Steve Buscemi - a star in his own right, if only more actors had the presence he has- going beyond the script, he's one of my favourite cameo professionals. credits and notable performances include- Con Air (that scary scary man...), numerous Adam Sandler movies and big budget films like Armageddon and Big Fish.

Janeane Garofalo - credits include Reality Bites, that show about dogs, Mystery Men. The thinking man's pin-up girl, she's funny and she'll never make it to being A-list, but dammit she's lovable.

Micheal Clark Duncan - that size, that voice all spell p r e s e n c e. Notable performances include The Green Mile, Pulp Fiction and Daredevil.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman - credits include Magnolia and more recently, Cold Mountain and Along Came Polly. Like Steve Buscemi, specialises in playing weird characters- but has that quality about him which you recognise instantly.




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