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purple rain... purh pulh raynne

sitting here listening to prince's purple rain and i'm thinking about the afternoon's in hairy's room. the girls that went by and the episodes that occured. its all over now. an entire period- finished. holding on to our respective significant others, we've changed and the purple rain clouds have cleared probably once and for all. that boyhood phase of relationships and pining and sitting in the darkened evenings listening to records of lament have come to pass.

all through high school the girls that passed through each of our lives, we shared in more ways than one. we've seen each other through the crises, made up excuses for parents when the other was away spending the afternoon in puppy love bliss. it's funny now to think about how serious we made it all seem, compared to how simple it is now. watching ourselves and the mushiness we embody, (our girls meeting the family, long distance relationships, tattoos pfah!) we've changed. for the better i would think.

we used to paint ourselves such moody colours. elvis costello's my dark life and ethan hawke's character in reality bites, its ironic how happy we've turned out to be. i know that the relationships we're in may not neccessarily be permanent, but no matter what happens, we're different now- we're done with the cycle we seemed to be stuck in.

but make no mistake, there's a book waiting to be written, about the dark monologues, the bleeding wrist, making out in the parks, hotel rooms, passing love letters and the shit we went through for each other and the girls.