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vagina pseudo monologues- in conjunction with V-Day 14th Feb 2004

i'd like to think of myself as a vagina activist. despite not having one, i do believe female genitalia mutilation is abominable.

i believe women should not need to feel ashamed about their genitalia. they should definitely be modest about it, (and not have it on show at any given occasion) but ultimately, be able to have as much pride about it as men have for their penises... well technically, men tend to get pretty stupid about pride and penises- (flashers etc...) but you get my point ?

i mean, its all about respect and appreciation isn't it ? we've all spent a good 9 months or so in that natural, spectacular bed and breakfast, but the minute many guys hit puberty, they learn to ridicule and degrade women.  

i suppose the whole point of giving the vagina its very own official day is to empower women and spread awareness that the vagina is not a weird mucky thing but a natural biological wonder thingy. 

what exactly does one do to celebrate V-Day ? 

i've yet to read up on this subject, but my guess is- chicks go around wishing other chicks all the best for their lower regions and stuff. 

what do guys do ?

 i guess single guys don't really do much. i'm sure there's a fund for female genitalia mutilation charities they could donate to. as for guys with female partners... well i'd like to think they have a good time joining in (heh heh - joining...) the celebrations.  

so anyway. by now you've prolly realised i'm not the most qualified person to educate you on V-day's special message etc. so head on down to these websites for more info.

spend next year's v-day spreading (no pun intended) the word about it. here's hoping for a day in the not too distant future when women around the world stop getting secondary treatment, shame and torture and start getting the respect they deserve as the keepers of such temperamental yet fascinating body parts.