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march 2004

300304   0014

kitten's tales

#1 kat and the surfer mouse 

didnt really believe it till i saw the pics myself. apparently, this mouse made kat's toilet its home for a couple of weeks and one night, as she (kat, not the mouse) was about to make her hourly contribution to the ocean, she was shocked to find a lil black lizard-like thing lurking in the unholy waters. the lil mouse must have been trying to hump a toilet roll, got startled when she switched the lights on, and slipped

kat, being the kind compassionate woman she is, applied her "defense mechanism" and quickly flushed, only to have the poor mouse struggling against the torrents- ultimately surviving the first flush. failing in her first attempt, she launched her second "defense mechanism" and called her dad who got some boiling water to finish the little critter off. 

a few days later, 2 other rats were sighted scouting the area for their fallen sibling. alas. the little surfer rat is no more. a moment of silence please.

#2 adventures of the wabbiten - picture story

290304   0006/1439

lost pumpkin bobbing in porcelina's ocean

i thought that period had passed. i thought i could live here without my collection of pumpkin cds. i was wrong. a part of me will always be that 15 year old plugged into coffee and beauty morbid whines. 

i'm still sitting here in the silence, trying to figure out why i didnt pack it in. i didnt forget it. i just didnt pack it in. why ? 

summer dreaming

after reading through some blogs, i realise how little freedom there is in my life right now. i need to get back to summer. lavish in the love, madness and
warmth that comes with being young and in love with her. i need to spend time in the hills again. i need to avoid the decadence that comes with too much shopping and pigging out and concentrate more on quality moments - ie- stupid but meaningful escapades into the city night, alcohol and friends and hopefully a jam session or two. i need to do well in these finals... 

how is everyone doing ? if you're reading this, please drop a note in the comment thingy. it'll be nice to know how you're doing and what you're thinking right now. are you happy ? 

random stuff-

^scrubs rocks
^the existence of doctors who don't treat patients, instead just treat diseases pisses me off
^i want to spend more time with donna this summer, clean her up real good too
^i need a proper haircut at the indian barbers with the cool neck *crick thing
^i would like to have experienced growing up in penang
^white wine and conversation on a saturday is not exclusively a gay thing
^i always feel cheated after losing an hour to daylight savings time

250304   0939

ooo wooo ooo

'so much wasted in the afternoon, so much sacred in the month of june'

so far, today's been a repeat of the past few days routine, waking early to jumpstart my day. plug into redfm listening to non-applicable traffic reports, but very applicable music. school's kind of empty. outside's kind of cold. i'm kind of lazy.

random amusing thing-
i ate semi-raw freezer food last night. i put the thing into the microwave, defrosted for 3 minutes, then went on to defrost it for another 2 minutes, thinking it was back to normal 'nuke-it' mode. then proceeded to eat the pie-thing, wondering why it tasted a bit funny...  before you get really concerned and start buying black clothes, i'll be happy to report i'm still alive and havent experienced the squirts (yet). 

a special thanks to the bloggers who supported thisguy's initiative to support thehungersite and linked the site to their blogs. 

i was thinking, the other day, about our web history and what it says about the people we are. web history- as in that thing that lists the sites you visit. as more and more of us spend more and more time in this cyber existence, what do we show for it ? how does it reflect the person we are, the ideals we hold and where our hearts truly lie ? 

are you proud of the stuff you do online ?

190304   1033

certified blogger

went through my old blogs recently- i've been typing thoughts (regularly) online since last march- making it officially over a year of self indulgence and pensiveness. 

tonight i'll be doing that kopitiam song onstage with ck and the girls. for some reason, i've already planned what to wear. after that- its easter holidays - 5 weeks of self mutilation ahead. rarr

my stomach's got the flu...

updates - army, stonecutter

170304   0111


Just sent off an sms birthday greeting to my dad. my mom's older than my dad by two days. i don't know if you find things like these amusing, but i do. rarr

had a f*cking good roast duck meal at Four Seasons courtesy of the new MC committee. there really is no duck like Queensway's Four Seasons roast. gorged like a fat bastard on the delicious crispy skin and magic black sauce. i swear it's almost as if they bathe the lil critters in opium before smacking them on the head and chopping them up.

its been marvelous weather today, and standing outside chatting/walking/sight-seeing is pleasant once again. time to hit the parks and go topless like mad dogs and pseudo-englishmen in the afternoon sun. 


updates- kopitiam style feature on elections*interactive
oh and try this -

150304   0401 *st patrick's day*

everyday's a new day

it's been a long night of study guilt. Spent over an hour on the phone with her  discussing our plans for summer, winter and dreams of buying a flat facing the Thames. Called my mom to wish her happy birthday. Cleared up study notes and stuff.

was just about to turn the lamplight off and call it a night... when i start to hear five for fighting play on my laptop. and for the first time since getting the album, i listen to the lyrics of 100 years. i've heard the song before, but never actually listened to what he was saying.

i damn nearly cried. 

maybe its the lyrics, that falsetto voice, the clunking piano keys- sentimentalism on overdrive due to everything that's going on in my life right now... nevermind-  get the song, listen- tell me you don't get what i mean ?  

'...just dreaming- counting the waves to where you are'

120304   0255

friday contd.

updates- friday
... after typing that last piece, made myself a cuppa mocha-coffee thingy, got a pack of biscuits to dip, counting crows soothing my senses and a keyboard to tell my thoughts to. we massage each other as the thoughts pour on. earlier in the night i was laying down, strumming my guitar on my chest and thinking about life and where i'm headed. thinking about the things i wish i were. i want to be good. like really good at something. i cross more things off that list than i put on. 


1stclassgraduate [?]

and the list just turns out to be a meandering pensive daydream that resonates only for as long as the strumming does. 
at this point, i'll just keep my mind on the possibilities. count my blessings...

friends check
opposite sex check
guitar check

but... something's still missing.

100304   0045

updates- personalalbumpassword required, moments, metallica

i miss malaysian (alternative) radio... kevin b.'s edge of wow and myrh & ngaiyuen's talk shows kept me going through a'levs. studying is no fun without late night radio... i used to win stuff all the time just by calling in at 3am. 

i miss macdonald drive thru's. the study groups we had over fries, pepper and ketchup rocked. we never really got any work done but we managed to get Fangky on the slides and the big boy barely made it down. gravity vs. friction of body tissue is a funny thing to watch when you've got study blues. 

'bila resah ingat saat ini, bila rindu- ku nyanyikan lagumu' -anuar zain

080304   0015

march march marching on...

if anything, this blog helps keep track of time. the days that pass by, the perspectives that changed. the people that've stopped over. for god's sake use the guestbook- yourplace. the tagboard is for random shite, whereas i'd like all compliments and wellwishes to go in the veryniceguestbook. tankyuverymush. 

meanwhile, my mini accomplishment checklist is growing stale... i'm still academically arsewhipped and it seems like it'll be that way right through summer. my parents will be making their way over to stay for a couple of weeks - incidentally my exam weeks - enroute to oklahoma for sister #2's graduation. will most likely be too busy to see them at all. 

on the brighter side of things, spring is coming. its taking its time like a bitch in high heels, but like that bitch, it'll be well worth it when she comes*. looking forward to being able to sit at open windows for a change.  rarr


updates- city , piggy

040304   0359

by the bucketful

the term "a good dream" should be considered an oxymoron. for what really is a good dream if you get to wake up only to find yourself back in reality ? in that sense are nightmares really blessings ?

no rarrrs today. busy. concerned. academically arse whipped. any smart mouth comments shall be promptly deleted.  


'i'll be - falling all about my own things, and i know, you're the heaviest weight, when you're not around that's hung around my head- and your lips burn wild, thrown from the face of a child, and in your eyes, the seeing of the greatest ... i'll back you up.'       -dmb

will you back me too ?


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