once upon a time, a little rabbit got lost and ended up in kat's porch

being the kind and compassionate woman she is,

instead of applying her infamous "defense mechanisms" (read: kat and the surfer rat),

she put the little fella in a blue pail

the little fella had heard about this kind and compassionate woman's reputation

and was extremely frightened that after being put in the pail, it would be brought to the toilet bowl.

instead, to its delight and good fortune, kat released the little fella into a wonderland called kat's garden

(not to be confused with the wonderland called kat's secret garden which will [for now] remain *secret)

being a little paranoid and untrusting of kat's good intentions, the little fella suspected that it was all a ploy

a ploy to get the little wabbitten eaten by some murderous black crow or kat's dad who is skilled in the ancient arts of boiling water

so it decided to lay low, hiding in the bushes and keeping a watchful eye out for sneaky kat tricks

it looked around for booby traps in kat's garden

wabbitten : hmm... this looks mysterious

the little wabbitten slowly got used to the challenging terrain in kat's garden

eventually, it ventured further and out into the open where it continues to dwell henceforth.

using its natural good looks and blue eyes to ward off kat's "defense mechanisms" successfully (for now)