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stonecutter dreams

[excerpt from a blog entry]


i remember being young and having my mom tell me the story about the stone cutter- you know the stonecutter guy who's cutting stones one day and looks up at the scorching hot sun and wishes to God that he could live his life as the sun and then he gets his wish granted- so he becomes the sun until one day the clouds come and block his view and so he wishes that he could be the clouds- and so then he becomes the clouds until the wind comes and blows him away- so he's still not satisfied and wants to be as powerful as the wind and *poof* he becomes the wind and is happy until one day the wind tries to blow down a boulder but the boulder is heavy and does not budge. so the wind wishes he could become a boulder- strong and steady. so he becomes the boulder and then- is proud that he is strong and steady- until this bastard stonecutter comes along and chips the boulder to pieces- and then the boulder wishes he was the...

so you get my drift right ? there's no fast way to tell that story anyway. and yes- mothers are dangerous things-

my mom always pointed out that the stonecutter was foolish in never being satisfied with who he was and instead of concentrating on what he was doing, he kept dreaming and wishing for things he didnt have. but the way i see it- true- the stonecutter was one fickle bitch but at least he got to experience being the sun, the wind and all that. and i guess that would've been fun- more fun than picking at a stone all day long...