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the friday night that was. 

a stomach filled with good (and copious amounts of) chinese from the excellent restaurant 2 mins down the road, 2 sofas, a bottle of rose' and a bottle of white, m&m's and the telly (with tv license paid)- my working class flat mates' social style is influencing my friday night activities !

sex and the city-penultimate episode

i thrive on anticipation. that's why i haven't joined the rest of the world in downloading the series finale and getting over with it. the day before a farewell is always the sweetest and today's episode was really ... shit how do i say this without sounding like a sap... fabulous. i loved the scene where she sees the eiffel tower from her hotel room and squeeks as well as when she sees the 4 women in the Parisian cafe and misses her friends, i love Big's tactic at getting Carrie's friends to help him out, i so relate to omens like the carrie necklace etc. even though i think the Russian guy's not a bad dude, i'd still prefer to root for the underdog- the bastard with charm, he really could be Carrie's soulmate. as of today, i still do not know how the season ends, so please- no spoilers till next friday, when channel 4 runs a farewell special AND the season finale. 

an ideal husband

got my sister to dig up an old tape of the multi stellar period drama starring Dermott Mulroney, Cate Blanchett, Minnie Driver and Julliane Moore. if i'm correct it was based on a play written by oscar wilde. cool british-romance-drama-comedy movie- which again beats reading the book. came away with catch lines like  

'once you start loving yourself, you discover the greatest love of your life
 and 'i'm only serious on the first tuesday of the month between 1 and 3 in the afternoon'.
 i think malaysians are special in sense we're equally inclined to both British and American comedy senses.

south park!!!

pretty standard episode tonight. no appearences by timmy the retard but guest "starred" chef's parents again- "i'll give you threefitty

Will & Grace

not too big a fan, but its good filler for good stuff like SATC and southpark. 

Some late Sex show- can't remember the name...

Wasn't a ham tai but one of those documentary type thingies bout sex-related stuff. pretty interesting- this segment showed footage from the aussie Sexpo with two guys who made funny stuff using their (real) penises. incredible. they made an eiffel tower, a hamburger and did a 360. if you really want to know what i mean... urm.- either catch the show one day or i'll draw what it looked like... 

News at Midnight

Some 70 year old woman in Devon murdered her husband and lied to the police saying burgalars did it, later confessed to her son. she was sentenced to 2 years in prison for manslaughter- looked like any other sweet old grandmother... scary. 

The Madrid bombings. was not too disturbed by it the first time i read about it on yahoo news- thinking it was a train accident. but after reading more about the death toll and the fact that it happened during rush hour etc... it's pretty shocking. i watched a peaceful protest of 6 million (or so) mourners in Madrid tonight, making up a fifth of Spain's population, walk the streets and it was really poignant. two extremes- humanity coming together and humanity destroyed by hate. how many songs does U2 and Bono have to write for things to change ? 

i wonder if air fares are gonna be cheaper for my parents to fly down now... hmm.

either way. one moment of silence for the people who died on the trains- on their way to work, on their way home to loved ones, on their way to the friday they never had.