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Theme Music

Last of the Mohicans The main theme- which plays at the final scene where Daniel Day Lewis and that rocking Mohican daddy go after the bad Huron boys rocks. Makes you want to get a big ass parang and go kill some guys with bad hair dos.

Lord of the Rings Evenstar- to play when you're missing your elf princess faraway and trying hard to get through saving the world. Fall of Isengard - must try making love with this music playing one day...

Gladiator Now we are free- weirdly out of place african influenced track in a film about Roman warriors but damn its good to play in the morning.

8 Mile Lose Yourself - Ok, so this isn't really theme music, but its the perfect song to psyche yourself with - be it for a job interview, exams, competitions or whatever. It's this generation's answer to Rocky's "Eye of the tiger".

In the Mood for Love Yumeji's theme- That haunting track that plays each time the couple contemplate romance with each other. It makes me think of sleek cheongsams, anticipation and won ton soup.

Pulp Fiction Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon and Misirlou - Ok, again this is not really theme music, but for a Quentin Tarantino movie, these tracks were the equivalent of Star Wars' Imperial March. So cool it hurts.

The Matrix Clubbed to Death - one of the few techno tracks I love.






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