the basics...

this place is my outlet for expression and inlet for attention. navigation is simple but not as straightforward as some might like- simply because this site caters to visitors of above average intelligence. design is minimal and will most likely remain that way until i learn more html/java/flashy stuff. i'd like to have made this site frames enabled but tripod's banners tend to f*ck things up.  

this guy appreciates feedback and won't hesitate to doubt himself and feel unworthy if you criticise negatively. he writes for an audience, despite how many times he tells himself to not give a damn either way. if you're interested in the details- biodata, a/s/l etc. most of it's there in the entries- go figure.

your place is just that- please feel free to engage in discussion, say something random, make an anonymous confession or whatever. as long as its not spam, badly constructed sentences and/or un-entertaining stupidity.



if you happen to know me personally and stumbled in here by accident, it would be decent of you to leave a tag or a note in the guestbook so that i know you stopped by. i try to keep this as public/relative/parent friendly as possible but self censorship is an ass. do be conscientious (if you don't know what the word means- its something to do with thinking about the feelings of others).

if you are a corporate representative wishing to reprimand me for improper use of copyrighted images or content, do send an email to littlefurrycreature[at]yahoo[dot]com and your wishes will be obeyed - no questions asked (except verification of your position).

to return to nausea inducing reality, please click big red X on top right hand  corner of screen and look at something pleasant, like the ceiling or the back of your hand. 




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