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how do you know if a band is a pop, rock or rap-rock band?

it's getting harder these days to tell the difference. the number of manufactured rock bands is increasing. good looks, passable instrument skills, even a good dose of angsty lyrics help to blur the lines between what is rock and what's not these days. so here is thisguy'splace's mini-thesis on rock.

you are NOT a rock band if your audience consists of a horde of overweight under-16 females. sure overweight under-16 females are also in the demography of many legitimate rock bands' fan-bases but if the entire front, middle AND back row is filled with them and they've got bad make-up on, sorry lads, you're just another pop band no matter how many guitars you smash.

so as un-attractive as it sounds, if your gig is filled with at least 50% pimply, puppy-eyed, non-stiletto wearing, non-placard holding boys, you may now call yourself a bona-fide rock band even if your music is shite, you may still hold your head high and take the piss out of all those below you.

rap-rock? you're not rap rock till there's at least 3 people bleeding somewhere in the concert hall. nosebleeds don't count, unless it's piercing related.