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Rustic Living for Urbanites
Pete Teo



What would Van Morrison be like if he had been born Chinese, in the later part of the 20th century and lived in Malaysia? I'm almost certain, he would be somewhat like Pete Teo. 

Rustic Living for Urbanites is a self funded, independent effort recorded with world class musicians and producer and in analogue format at that. For these reasons alone, the album should be worth a listen. Top that with beautifully arranged exotic instruments (the chinese erhu and malaysian percussions) and you have a singer songwriter album like no other. 

A look at the track list and you'll realise the pattern of songs about Marianne. 3 to be exact and it tells a story of youthful exhilaration (Arms of Marianne), melancholic reflection (the achingly haunted Marianne Called) and implosive closure (Hush Marianne). in between, are insightful songs of a troubadour lifestyle and vision. 

Each track has its own romantic angle, take for instance the most mainstream piece, Jesselton Tonight, which shimmers, sweeps and shakes and juxtapose it with Alive and Free, a tamed, troubled beast of a song. 

Pete Teo's music is an acquired taste. at first listen, Malaysians may find his accent rather crude and gritty, but foreigners may simply find it eclectic. After a few spins, the lyrics, poise and warmth of the music grows on you. 

Pete is in the midst of recording his second studio album and you can follow his progress in his studio diary via his weblog


Running Time: 55 Minutes / 10 Tracks
Track Listing: 
Arms Of Marianne 
Jesselton Tonight 
Alive N' Free 
Rhapsody In Blue 
Marianne Called 
Where've The Years Gone? 
The Red House 
Hush Marianne



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