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november 2004

291104   1731GMT 

how to fold ?

i've seen this online clip like a dozen times and tried it with a real t-shirt and huiyi tried it out as well. is it just me or is this impossible??

241104   0031GMT 


ok since i haven't done this in a while, plus i want to see if any of you are actually active/alive. here's a quick top 3 list for you all to fill in. 
what are your top 3 hippy era songs?
(think woodstock) mine are :

1. turn turn turn - the byrds
2. imagine - john lennon
3. all along the watchtower - jimi hendrix's version

231104   0151GMT 

flavour/s of the month

4400 - just caught the pilot of this new series on sunday. the basic premise of the story is 4400 missing persons from different generations ranging back to 1930's suddenly "come back to earth" in a ball of light somewhere in Seattle. the homeland department of america struggles to deal with immigration's worst nightmare as some of the "returnees" who have been missing for over 6 decades appear to have not aged at all and to make matters worse, they seem to have subhuman abilities of clairvoyance, healing and destruction. 

too x-men-ish for you? the story is actually told in a pretty convincing way, with interesting subplots of love, politics and drama.

i haven't really gushed much about a tv series before, and even the LWord is slowly losing my interest. but, if the first episode is anything to go by, 4400 looks to be an amazing new series transcending the sci-fi genre. with protagonists from across the age groups, it's got traces of the OC, X-files, Smallville and CSI. seriously guys, you heard it here first.

managed to fix the firewall problem with Limewire, and been downloading :

The Postal Service - Such Great Heights - have been trying to find out where the song in the opening of The Garden State trailer came from and thanks to Wurh and her radioblog, i found out it's by this new band which literally used the Postal Service to record their music. 

misc Snow Patrol tracks

The Thrills - Not for all the love in the world - i LOVE the video for this song. do try and catch it or stream it from Yahoo Launch! it is exactly the type of music video i would want to make, given the chance. the irish band's song is also really naff (i'm listening to british radio too much) - who sings like this these days? 

(strictly out of curiosity for cinematic controversies), i downloaded the rape scene in Irreversible the Italian (?) movie starring Monica Bellucci which garnered protest early last year for its "graphic depiction of sodomy". my verdict is, although it is not the most pleasing of scenes, (especially such a waste of Ms. Bellucci's gorgeous body), rape is never nice to witness, movie or not, but it is pretty tame and un-graphic as can be. critics who warned audiences of losing their lunch over it have greatly exaggerated, the prison shower scene in American History X was  much worse, but then again, it could just be me. 


traci10.jpg (31298 bytes)and since we're on the subject, for the male visitors to this site,

thisguysplace's retro porn star of the month is -

  Traci Lords -reputed to have the most genuine "o" scenes in industry history.


so there you go- the entry with the most hyperlinked references i've made this year. since i haven't been uploading any reviews recently, consider this a batch of mini-reviews. my workload's extra heavy these days, end of term is approaching. it's already started snowing in parts of england. with the few applications i've sent off for graduate positions, i've already got a 100% rejection rate so far. (2 out of 2). fuggit. i'll continue with this shit after summer. for now, the rat race can wait. too many things going on at the moment as it is.

thisguysplace's plugs of the week:

the londonist- everything london (link found on arisaig)

having compootah problems? call 1-800-alvingoodie

171104   1833GMT 

the week Mr Tambourine Man shagged Mrs Robinson in my room

nevermind the title and the lack of updates. been busy and life is weird for too many weird reasons which don't really mean anything anyway. i think i need to speak to real people for a change. but never mind me, here's some fun links-

pink locusts! 

so now that apologies have been made, stop blaming every american you know/friend studying in america etc. about this. personally i think it's a conspiracy which goes back to my theory that the Skulls and Bones society (google it) is alot more than just a fraternity.

will blog more later this week then. how is everyone? nobody's commenting here anymore. even spectacular pictures like the UFO one didnt garner a squeek... sigh. will find better stuff to impress you with soon then. 

091104   1753GMT 

getting a grip

my godfather's back home and back to normal for now. I hope this period where he feels normal lasts for as long as possible. it was such a relief to speak to him again over the weekend and hear that he is back to good. i'm really proud of him.

my parents are back home. things are less uncertain now and i'm taking this opportunity to get as much work done and settle things. 

spent the weekend with friends and did random stupid things around central london and even did a little shopping. oh and check these out! 

scary? (and yes, the gay indians are disturbing too...)

041104   1844GMT 

threading on eggshells

thanks for the emails and messages of concern. things are still bad. i'm not sure about whether i'll be flying back or not. the general consensus at the moment is for me to stay put. i know i want to see him again and soon. so its a matter of reassuring people and waiting for the right time. the worse thing is that i think i should already be back. today. or yesterday. to visit and maybe lighten the mood a little bit. 

everything's screwed up at the moment. i know i'm being silly and ungrateful for the many things that aren't screwing up, but really- i can't stand to watch the news and see the smirk on bush's face. yasser arafat is dying. i've been staying up late at nights to make my short calls back home to check up on things. my godsister is back and is taking charge of most things so this is good. before each call, i watch about 30 minutes of news just to steel up the courage to speak to them. it's also to prepare me with things to talk about should i speak to my godfather, because i know he would like to catch up on the news of the election and stuff. 

my parents are away in hongkong for a week. 

i swear this is true

a few nights ago, i was in bed with the radio switched on. i was drifting in and out of sleep when the radio played The Eagles' Hotel California. i wasn't awake, but i could hear the music. and when the chorus came on, "you can hear them say - welcome to the hotel california..." i felt a sudden jolt in my body and i felt myself turning cold. i woke up and the radio was still on, the room was dark and i knew that i had just been disturbed by demons. i wrapped up in my duvet and prayed myself to sleep. kat says i'm imagining things but that song is haunted i tell you.

ps- if you buy the evening standard today you get a free damien rice live disc!

011104   1610GMT 

...and so i woke up

my sister woke me up with a mug of milo in the morning. that's when i knew things were bad. my mom had called her earlier. my godfather went into surgery but the doctors have decided that he is inoperable. leaving him with 6 months or more (or less). my godfamily is shaken up and so am i. 

these are the most intimate blog entries i have made here, but i think its necessary to keep a log of this, and also as a means to update you all. 

in a way, things still seem unreal, and this is the first time i'm dealing with this type of situation. right now i think i'll be fine. i'm trying to focus on work and plan ahead incase i decide to fly back home for a few days. it will be a hard decision to make, for many reasons.

my heart goes out to my godmother who has the unfortunate task of telling him the prognosis. she is spending the night together with him in the hospital. two precious elderly people in my life. when he wakes up, his spirit will be broken with the diagnosis. but he is brave and i can count on him to take it like a man. i should be back even now. to man the fort and answer phonecalls for them. 

011104   0115GMT 

my godfather

i'm not sure if i'll even post this entry up. but i feel that i should write a little about this. when i was a baby, and my parents were at work, i was looked after by a couple who lived behind my street. having only one daughter, they treated me as their own son and were much more than mere babysitters. they've watched me grow up and were there through out most of the major occasions of my life. each flight away from home, they would be there at the airport, alongside my family. 

on friday i found out my godfather had cancer of the pancreas. my world as i know it may not be the same again. he is one of the nicest men i know. devoted to his godchildren and family. never ever saying anything harsh when we got out of hand, never ever refusing us anything.

right now, back home, it's probably time for the 8 hour surgery to remove his tumour to begin. all i could do over the weekend was talk to him a little on the phone. he, being the stubborn old man he is, refused to talk much about anything related to the growths in his body. instead, we talked about england and other random things. at the end of the call, all i could do was tell him i loved him very much and would be praying for him. he just shrugged it off and told me not to worry.

this is the calm of the moment. tomorrow, we will know whether or not the surgery has been successful. somewhere back home, my godmother is probably sitting shivering quietly in a cold waiting room. their daughter in newzealand, nephew/godson in australia, 3 other nephews/godsons back home and myself can only pray hard. 

i don't want to sleep. i don't want to wake up. i'm hoping against the odds that the doctors get all of the cancer out of him. so that everything will be back to normal again. he can get better and we can go on that trip around england next year. he can be there at my wedding and take my firstborn out in a pram just the way he took me.


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