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march/april 2005

020405 0246GMT 

temporary break in hiatus

It was a Friday night and I'd just finished some work and needed a break. Looked through my CD's and came across the 2 discs I burnt which had Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet and I remembered that to maximise storage space I also had A Walk to Remember, which I downloaded ages ago but never watched it, because... well because it's  A Walk to Remember. C'mon. I even knew about the supposed  twist ending that the movie ends with her dying so it's not exactly a must-see movie for me. 

Anyway. I watched it and I'm surprised I got through it. Cynical as I am  these days, I'm not too jaded just yet. It was a sappy movie, but in a  good way most of the time and sometimes it was borderline ridiculous. I  enjoyed it. I felt a little too feminine for comfort, but.. hmm. Mandy  Moore was pretty good too. I don't think I'll ever stop believing in faith,  fate and love, no matter what life throws my way. The only true sadness in this life is when people stop believing.

so i recommend it and other cheesy mushfests, but only if you know perfectly well what you're getting yourself into. 

these were the things i wanted to write to her in a letter, but i think i might as well just put it here. 

I love how she gets excited when her passport gets stamped. Sometimes it's so hard to make her happy and sometimes it's almost too easy. She's adventurous and will go anywhere if we're together. Some days we just drive around and look at nice houses in nice neighbourhoods.

I love that I can plan my life with her and see things beautifully fall into  place and when some parts get stuck in the middle, how we began and how we both want things to end will help work the in-between out.

I love how she printed out that first poem and pasted it on her cupboard  all those years ago. She seldom tells me what she thinks of what I do, but  when I do something right, she shows it.

It's a couple of days early, but it was around this time of the year anyway, so thank you for 4 precious years kitten, and a big thank you to  febstar, jaywhy and all you others who helped in your own special ways to make this  happen.

updates : imagery sets : in/out doors, streets

170305 0246GMT 

the path ahead

right. closing time. it's time to take a break. i won't be posting new entries for awhile. but do keep stopping by for tags and use the speak/comment button (below) to write whatever random things you want. i'll definitely be checking in often. also try to fill up my guestbook - thanks. 

meanwhile, i'll let my links, radio and older stuff keep you busy.

updates : imagery- spring set #1 , spring set #2

happy st. paddy's

160305 1716GMT 

here comes the sun

apparently there is more than one song with this title. everyday you learn new (potentially useless) things. 

it was an incredibly awesome day- the two digit celcius weather, the people out on the streets enjoying the weather, the wind that blew just the right shade of cool and the occasional spring debris in your eye. all in, it's a perfect day to be a tourist. took some nice pictures and will upload them soon. 

oh and read how londonist gives a new tv programme a damn good trashing up. Make me a Supermodel is  britain's lame excuse for a top model competition. so bad it hurts, but you just keep watching... click

forget the pepsi girl, check out the chick in this lynx commercial ! as arivind would say- "can die one!!!"

160305 0120GMT 

local and eclectic

it's the last week of term, but i want term to go on, coz easter is going to be one tough vacation. am up trying to figure out how to build a mathematical model for a supply/distribution problem. the only thing that's keeping me awake through this tedium is music and occasional pauses to read my Q magazine which i picked up from somewhere. is it any wonder that i've sidetracked and done this: 

updates: reviews - Pete Teo's Rustic Living for Urbanites

Damn Dirty Apes' Ape Kill Ape 
(peek- hope you read this)

two of the most eclectic albums to come out of Malaysia recently, doomed from birth because of the tiny market it caters to but hopefully word will spread and people from other shores catch on.

140305 0013GMT 

if i were a rich man

the movement in my bank account has been very much like that of the progress of the middle east's peace talks- so little, it's almost shameful. i haven't done any part time work since summer and i only spend money on food, the occasional pint and birthday presents. 

why the tightwad-ness? i'm saving up for a fucken glorious summer. finally going to get my ass off this island to do some much needed traveling and kitten pampering. after all that, i'll need to get my (by then) well traveled arse a temp job to earn back some money and i'm hoping to get one of those jobs with minimal responsibilities- like behind a bar or something like that. it'll prolly be the last irresponsible, goof-around temp job i'll have the privilege of holding till i dive into the rat-race.

so, partially inspired by huiyi's latest sandbox entry, and also because, i know for a fact that i will be very very very very very broke this year, here's a-

wishlist of what wags my tail but can only dream of getting anytime soon :

a Muvo player - yes i prefer having a plug and play tiny chewing gum box type of mp3 player, as opposed to a carrying around a mini-hard-drive. i like the built in sound recording function, radio and LCD screen. sure the iPods are sexy but, value for money goes to Muvo. i also prefer having a shorter list that i can change easily and frequently to a whole bulk collection of music to carry around.

a new digital camera - haven't been keeping up with the latest models, but i really want one with as many manual features as possible, white balance settings, zoom (don't really need that much), large screen, good interface and preferably all-weather. good battery life, sound recording, unlimited movie mode, multi-stills and auto-click definitely helps. don't really need anything more than 3 megapixels, but 5 is good.

a semi-electric acoustic guitar - again i'm not really keeping up with what's out there, having only ever owned an electric and classical guitar. i'd like one which doesn't need batteries. i don't mind less sound features. something that sounds good, plays a barred F easily and smooth tuning keys. don't really care about the brand. something not too dainty so i can scratch it up and abuse it a little. 24-frets please. 

nice guitar strap - really picky about this one. HAS to reflect my personality or just plain coloured.

effects box - totally clueless on how to choose a good one. but i want one which can run on batteries (preferably C or AA and not those stupid 9V batts), can be charged and have direct feed. i'll mainly be using it with the semi-electric. i want one that records and plays loops and is easily programmable. an inbuilt  wah-wah pedal would be a good plus. 

a tattoo - you may think that i'm a momma's boy for delaying getting one for my 21st birthday because my mom went hysterical at the mention of it. but when your mom threatens to have a heart attack for the occasion, let's see you do it. so i gotta put this off till i get married or my mom's eyesight fails, whichever comes first. also, i'm not really in a hurry, it's not a sacred thing for me, but i've already got the design i want and i'd like to try it once. 

a (male) siberian husky with blue eyes - he might scare the shit out of joel and prolly eat him or make him his bitch, but i've always wanted one. it's resemblance to a wolf definitely has plus points. joel can live indoors and the husky can be all cool and protective outside. 

a vintage (circa 60's) car - (i've mentioned this before) has to have a good sound system, nice rims, air-conditioning and power streering with automatic transmission. yes i know i'll be such a yuppy in this, (manual-drive challenged pussy) but at least i'm not attaching a neon light to a spoiler.

(shit this wishlist thing is fun - and very depressing at the same time)  

dvd's - it's a fucken evil creation- now we not only HAVE to have a collection of eclectic music, but movies as well. and i want tons! i better start before pirated stuff get totally outlawed. must haves include- the LOTR extended versions (don't bother getting me the real thing with Minas Tirith model), the 13th warrior, other geek movies and some concert DVDs like DMB listener supported. 

forget playstations and sexy snazzy consoles, i want a zen garden with rocks, sand screen and fish bowl. a hammock would be good too. and a nice stand for my lava lamp. (if you're interested in helping me build this, you can donate in small parts like plants, nice pebbles etc.)

home studio - just a good processor, digital multi track editor, nice mics, (including that one damien rice uses for the old-time-radio-effect) and good sound system. 

cool ties - jon the freemason has a really cool lizard patterned one. i want kooky designed ties like that and ties made with unique cloth materials. 

books - man, i'm going to miss uk's cheap good books. i hardly read nowadays since i've stopped reading while on the toilet bowl. i've heard alot about this harukami fella. for some reason, i like his book covers. (yes- i can be that shallow) i want subscriptions to ukfhm and rollingstone and Q and Time too. maybe i should form a club/circle and like share subscriptions and books.

art - (see below)

so it looks like i'm pretty bound to material possessions. more than i'd like to admit. if i don't manage to eventually own at least 3 quarters of what's on this list, i wouldn't feel right calling myself successful. what's my strategy then? i will get used to eating alot of bread and stick to my resolution of never ever ever buying bottled mineral water. in 5 years, that'll save me about enough to get at least a new camera? sigh...

update : how do you know if a band is a pop, rock or rap-rock band?

100305 0058GMT 

the things that got left in between

with the mountain of work i need to get done with, writing has been sparse. i spose some time soon, thisguy'splace will be put in deep freeze for awhile till summer. plane tickets have been booked, plans made etc. i just gotta keep my eye on the ball, the here and now, this short term and to paraphrase Keynes (badly), the long run will sort itself out.

did i mention the ultra expensive lobster dinner i had paid for by my sister's "anniversary bonus"? generous dollops of garlic butter, bisque for starters, oysters (which- aphrodisiac or not, i doubt i'll ever develop a taste for) and white wine. the seafood was really fresh, but somehow, lacked the imagination chinese seafood cuisine has. still, an overall guilt free experience since the (insane) bill didn't come out of our pockets.

i've also missed out on mentioning big j's birthday steamboat gluttony at pimlico. very much enjoyed hanging out with the guys i got through first year with. for all the stupidity freshman year was, living in halls got me an extended family of sorts and i know one day i'll severely miss the comfort of their company. we've endured quite abit together, lost a few brothers in arms (kq, w) to the real world, helped match-make a charming romance within the circle of friends, and built up various drinking session traditions. let's hope we can squeeze in a couple more before leaving...

updates : a book review for a change -TheLittlePrince

reviews that i'd have like to have done but haven't found time for - closer, pete teo's rustic living for urbanites CD&DVD, simon&garfunkel old friends tour, garden state. all inspiring stuff i'd like to write about. just no time :( 

if you've stopped by, drop a line somewhere dammit - either here in the comment box, the tagboard or the guestbook? it does make a difference to know who's/if anyone's reading this sentimental spew.

random resolution/ wistful thinking

i want to, at some point in my life, accumulate a substantial quantity of art. paintings, wood carvings, canvas, pastels, charcoal art and pieces from street artists. somehow, realistically speaking, it will always be at the bottom of my purchase priority list. by my estimates, i'll prolly be about 40-ish before i have the disposable income to splash on stuff like this. at which point, my taste for art might've disappeared completely and i'll just be stuck with a set of stupid golf clubs. wouldn't it be great if my friends gave me money for my birthday or any random occasion (hey a guy can dream right?) with a clause that i HAVE to spend it on art? i accept denominations from as low as RM1... and and and if i get around to displaying it somewhere, i could like display the names of whoever helped sponsor it :) 

090305 1658GMT 

bender and women's wear

you wake up and you're on a couch with a topless english boy at the door giving you a funny look. right.

you blink and remember that you've spent the night at the freemason's place. blink again and you remember that it was a good night. that beautiful presentation you slaved over managed to kick ass and you and your group mates got an excellent grade on it. too bad it's only a percentage of your final grade but still, it kicked ass and then some (malaysia 1, lithuania 0).

relatively laidback celebrations at the bar, brilliant football on tv and next thing you know its 4am and you've been talking about god, futurama, long distance loving, festivals and moshpit ettiquette. you've (very maturely) spaced out your drinks throughout the night and you're hangover-less despite having mixed wine with beer and gin and brownies and indian food. 

toast and eggs followed by a round of pool to wake you up and you've gone home, showered and you're back in school working on the next big project. 

ahh. uni life. bless. 


and because i soooo will forget - 

Happy Birthday Lokque! 

[yes i still think that nick is ghey]


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