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The Little Prince
Antoine De Saint-Exupery

my favourite part


while grocery shopping, i found a book i've been looking for for ages. it was left in a basket by some absent minded shopper. i felt a little bit bad about taking it, but it's cheap so i doubt the original owner will be shedding too many tears over it. my dad keeps mentioning this book when we talk about literature and he's had one too many stouts. 

it's written by a pilot in WW2 and is translated from French. it's got a pretty good reputation despite it's thin-ness (you can get through it in less than 30 minutes). 

the little prince (not to be confused with the little princess) is a children's book and so much more. although it was written generations ago, it's messages seem to ring clearer now. it also includes charming illustrations by the author himself that form an integral part of the story. it's a pity that a year after writing the book, Antoine de Saint-Exupery was killed in action. 


as jujette says, the little prince found me. maybe in more ways than one. 





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