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kleptomania and general naughtiness

i'm not sure what started it off exactly, but i've always been a sucker for freebies. i've always picked nice shiny things up and kept them around. i've always been able to make friends easily. i've always believed in the saying the best things in life are free

perhaps its a chinaman thing- but i've never really gone for the value that comes in a price tag. i'd sooner take a walk in a park with my friends at 2 in the morning than club at a ridiculous cover charge. 

god bless this digital realm- that allows us to share our photo galleries, our poems, our thoughts- without asking for anything in return. 

nights out in the realm of london at minimal expense can be easy and fun too. take the other day for example. a group of us hopped on a bus, with expired tickets, or child fare tickets and got driven around with a huge bus all to ourselves to see the lights of the city. 

we stopped at tower bridge and took a walk down St. Katherine's Dock, walking along the waterways and moored luxury boats. i felt rich just being free to wander around the lights and what is probably also the safest area in central london. making plans and wondering if i'll ever be rich enough to own property here, the possibilities that seem within reach are something that i know i'll miss when little by little my life sorts itself out in the permanence of time.

we sneaked into a five star hotel to see the view from its top floor, took pictures along the poshly decorated hallways. stood in silence looking out at the city, soaking in the moment we stole. 

time and opportunity is like jelly beans in the kwick-e mart  of life- if you can get away with nicking a few, go for it.

its all good.