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Starring - TonyLeung, MaggiCheung, ZhangZiYi

Director- ZhangYiMou


already wary of the label ZhangYiMou after enduring the cheesefest that was House Of Flying Daggers (HOFD), and suspicious of the use of Quentin Tarantino to "endorse" this movie, I went in for the UK pre-screenings of Hero with low expectations. 

i really don't understand how two movies by the same director, dealing with the same genre, same context matter and zhangziyi in both of them, could differ this greatly. HOFD was pretentious, petty and such a waste of talent. On the other hand, Hero has the same epic proportions, exaggerated scenes, over the top sequences and one-dimensional characters. Yet everything works out. Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung and even (yes really) Jet Li portray their one-dimensional dialogue and scripts with a subtle depth to their characters. Over the top sequences are done on such grand scales your eyes will thank you for taking them to the cinema. 

casting was excellent, this time putting zhangziyi as a silly little girl (a role she deserves), jet li as a shallow avenger, tonyleung and maggiecheung as the lovers with idealistic baggage and I even liked the machiavellian portrayal of the emperor.

think of hero as CrouchingTigerHiddenDragon meets Kill Bill.   




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