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the summary, not the sum

this guy : writes for an audience, despite how many times he tells himself to not give a damn either way. if you're interested in the details- biodata, a/s/l etc. most of it's there in the entries- go figure. 

thisguy, in his place,
disguised, in his face.

101 random statements


this place : is an outlet for expression and inlet for attention. navigation is simple but not as straightforward as some might like- design is minimal and will most likely remain that way until i learn more html/java/flashy stuff. works best with a pop-up blocker on IE and Mozilla. will eventually leave tripod's shitty service for a better domain soon. 


if you happen to know me personally and stumbled in here by accident, it would be decent of you to leave a tag or a note in the guestbook so that i know you stopped by. do be conscientious (if you don't know what the word means- its something to do with thinking about the feelings of others).

thisguy'splace : operates under the creative commons license. for more information : [click]

contact : littlefurrycreature [at] yahoo [dot] com