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Big Fish

Starring - Ewan MacGregor, Helena Bonham Carter, Jessica Lange, Danny Devito, Steve Buscemi (!!!)

Director- Tim Burton


i know 3 guys who cried after watching this father-son love story and i guess that says a lot about the film. After Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas and the first two Batman films, Tim Burton has outdone himself with this beautiful piece. His flamboyance is toned down but very much more pleasing, unlike his usual nitty gritty flavour, he goes for softer textures and fuzzy nostalgia. He tells the story about a boy's relationship with his father who basically talks too much cock and how he struggles to reconcile with him before he dies. If you liked Forest Gump, you'll love this one.

Highlights include - Steve "I-cameo-in-all- the-good-films" Buscemi's poetry, Danny Devito's arse (if you catch it uncensored), a daft Ewan McG and that tearjerking ending.

(and - no- i didnt cry- the 3 comprised of two 50-year olds and a Phd. Student.)








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