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april/may 2004

280404   1406

moving on 

you just have to roll with it. with the invitations, the assessments, the tears, the rejections, just keep moving on planning for the next big thing to change your life and making space for the next good thing to come your way getting rid of the last bad thing you need right now that seems to have stuck right in your face, but you roll with it, the flames will smother off somehow and you move on the dirt will wash off in rain and all that's left are just memories of the pain, because that's what you learn from and that's what you carry to remember and to appreciate every day- everyday - today

260404   1149

spurr ing 

didn't really plan to make a post, but seeing my laptop's hooked up and i'm killing time till the comp lab session starts. it's a really nice monday. i'm scoffling down an apricot jam sponge roll while multi-tasking. 

pleased with myself because- of my haircut- don't look shaggy-ish anymore- it's a little short but its nice for a change. - also coz i've done the things on my checklist- leaving just studies left to finish. gotta stretch the hours as best as i can. 

parents will arrive this thurs- gotta clean my room... dammit. 

am displeased that not everyone took part in the breakfast survey. it was Compulsory! ah well. follow instructions! 

managed to catch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the other day. won't be writing a review (not in the near future anyway) but will add here that- it's brilliant. for some reason, its the first Kaufman film i've managed to watch. i've always been a Jim Carrey fan. But never quite liked Kate Winslet. Both their performances here were excellent. Especially sweet if you're the type who likes reminiscing about love and how you fell. Throw in Kirsten Dunst dancing in her undies and that's what i call cinema. 

song of week- Keane- Everything's changing 
video of the week : Snow Patrol- Chocolate
hiphop track of the week : Keyne West and Jamie Foxx- Slow Jam 

Spring survey- which is more of a turn on- visibly braless chicks or visible thongs ?

200404   0152

in rotation 

besides the usual suspects, new items in the soundtrack of my study period has comprised of :-

beyonce- naughty girl (happens to be playing alot on my music video channels) britney and gang can go spend the rest of their lives in plastic surgery but beyonce is Thisguy'splace's Diva of the Year.

the rasmus & maroon 5 - although they stand out amongst the other fluff on brit radio and tv at the moment, can't bring myself to say i actually like them yet. 

the white stripes - gotta get the album soon- i've only got their seven nation army single on my playlist, but i love the beat of the new one -(it's on some car commercial) and wanna download the vid with claudia shiffer - their cover of i just don't know what to do with myself

katie melua - closest thing to crazy
joss stone - fell in love with a boy 
norah jones - sunrise 
all fall in the same mellow chick category and get stuck in my head on my daily walks to school. 

dave matthews - some devil album - Somehow, although some devil feels a whole lot more familiar than Everyday, i really wonder if fans will ever hear the band jam like they used to at Red Rocks with Stefan and Carter playing bigger roles. some devil's a pretty good listen, but also more of an extension to the busted stuff album. this decent solo album aside, what we'd all really like is a proper new dave matthews BAND album complete with numbered titles and instrumental jam interludes again.

Will update the reviews section eventually- hang in there. 

Question of the day compulsory!- what did you have for breakfast today ?

160404   0520

still breathing 

as you'd have grasped by now, i'm flooded with work, 4 weeks of study break has flown by with more break than study accomplished. although i'm getting my grasps on more topics now, i desperately need to speed up the pace of progress. 

of all things, i've been delegated the task of overseeing flat maintenance- my boiler's been on the brink (thankfully its spring time already) and to enjoy the luxuries of hot bath water, i've had to spend the past few mornings with a big rugby player sized english bloke fixing the thing up in the cramped confines of my building's boiler room. 

hazardous work - considering the fact that each time he bends over to get to work, half his massive bare arse crack gets exposed. to escape the spectacle of it, i go wandering around the rooftop of my building. have concluded that it would make an excellent make-out spot. hopefully, i'll get to spend some time there with someone other than big rugby-player-size-bloke sometime in the future, before i move out. 

also finished vacuuming the flat in anticipation of my neat-freak ecuadorian flat-buddy's return later today.  rarr

to-do list

^finish up data entry
^send off dquah article (its been 2 years for f*cks sake!)
^catch The Passion & Eternal Sunshine
^work work work!

080404   0353


3 years ago, something beautiful began. 

to all involved in helping us out in your own special ways, 

thank you. 

060404   1539

london in a day for hairy people

update- personal album *password required 

040404   0404 [oh FOH!]

dear boddah,

update- nevermind (a personal tribute to kurt cobain)

^ random funny shit on t-shirts-

'never mind her screams of passion, give it to her doggie fashion!'

020404   0047

foolish in april

surfing around the usual blog sites today, i realise how almost every blogger took some time to acknowledge the fact that today was April Fool's day. in fact, bloggers seem to make a special mention of almost every special occasion there is. even the day 03/03/03 and no doubt 2 days from now, 040404, someone's going to feel extra special on that day and write about it.

i think that shows something about people who write in journals (electronic or otherwise) and how by making a record of our days and events, we freeze frame our appreciation for the moments that pass us by, painting the different colours we see while looking at the same canvas. 

despite not pulling off my usual quota of pranks, today has had its amusing moments. "cooking" dinner for hy and kq, dabbled in the overrated romanticism of Sleepless in Seattle, had my sister come home pissed drunk and saw the sun set on the london skyline while listening to flugufrelsarinn. it was almost as if the seagulls flying overhead knew the words. aesthetically, it wasn't the best of sunsets, but the mood and  music made up for the lack of view from the roof of my university building.

still grieving for the wabbitten who is no doubt at this moment picking up swimming tips from surfer rat and his sibling. it has not been a good month for rodents... 

also, because i know, he happens to be thisguysplace's most avid resident, Happy 21st Arivind ! i'm glad you didn't end up a priest. i'm pretty damn sure a choir in the vatican is at this moment singing one octave higher in rejoice. Amen.   

'irony is- when the real meaning is the complete opposite of the literal meaning' - troy, reality bites

caught it on tv a few nights ago and was amazed at how much has changed since that movie came out and we'd watch it repeatedly on megatv-hbo, and how so much of it still applies today. 


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