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15 minutes to 9.05am

its early morning- 9am is too early.
i stumble out of bed and get ready for class in just over five minutes, microwave a hot drink and fumble with putting my eyes in. and i leave for classes. i take a route through traffic lights, - passing a mad trail of suits, joggers and the occasional homeless person staggering in a drunken stupor. all facets of possibilities. pieces of each other, living off the city- a symbiosis in this urban jungle- the rich feeding off the poor feeding off the rich. and then there are the lesser parasites- people like me- the odd immigrant student- part parasite, part harmless observer. 

i make my way through the green lights and squeeze through the reds- pass the bakeries, the morning diners, newstands with headlines i read to catch up on what the masses are thinking about. i wonder sometimes if "the end of the world is today" was plastered on those billboards, would anyone really give a damn ? prolly not. i walk on through the alleyway shortcut i know- the smells of the thai restaurant mixing with the british fry-up place- wafting and reminding me that a watery cup of milo is not enough for a young adult to have for breakfast. but i digress. i'm actually rushing. 

and so i rush on, passing by a park, i always look out for people out walking their dogs, and wish i was them. its bound to be the most satisfying thing - waking up in the morning, taking a nicely coiffered dog out for a stroll in the park, while the students hurry by. Then i realise, life is like this- always about different perspectives, if i really were a 65 year old out walking my dog on a calm monday morning, i'd prolly be wishing i were the student rushing to university, young and burdened but ultimately, filled with purpose and possibilities. so i tell myself life is fair and my morning must go on and i have 3 minutes to reach my classroom 10 minutes late. i go on, sidestepping the sidewalk cracks and lugging my satchel. 

life goes on, sometimes we forget the reasons, we don't talk about the before and after, and get too stuck in the moment of things- but its not always bad to be stuck. in fact sometimes it's pretty damn beautiful. 

beauty in the mundane on a monday. classic.