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101 utterly random statements
as of august 2005


1. i am a closet gwen stefani fan.

2. at the age of 16, i attended a Spice Girl concert.

3. my first pet dog of 12 years died a week before i left for overseas studies. i dug her grave and buried her in the field in front of my house.

4. my guitar's name is donna amethyst ibanez. donna is an anagram for "daugther of the night" and my sister (who helped sponsor it) insisted i add in amethyst in the middle.

5. i can never wear y-fronts in public.

6. i have two sets of god-parents. one set is a couple who are close family friends who made a promise with my parents to be godparents to each other's children and the other set helped take care of me as a child.

7. i like wearing ties.

8. the very first dvd i owned was the movie spinal tap. the very first cd i owned was a collection of celtic instrumental music. the very first cassette tape i owned was a New Kids on The Block album.

9. a big part of my childhood was spent catching tadpoles, starting fires and building a treehouse.

10. a girl gave me my very first shave.

11. my dad taught me the alphabet and math when i was very young. i skipped a year of kindergarten because of this.

12. i can touch my nose with my tongue. my tongue is adept at many things.

13. i think people who kill innocent animals should receive the same sentences as murderers do. animals that are bred for the sole purpose of eating are meant to be eaten. to me, innocent animals consist of animals with eyes and eyelids. 

14. i think sex should remain taboo, but only because it's so much more interesting that way.

15. i believe that gender lies in the mind, not the body and that love is genderless.

16. i predict that if we continue to communicate and read about each others' lives, we will eventually evolve to become telepathic.

17. i proposed to a girl in my first week of kindergarten. she never told me her name.

18. i love lava lamps. i don't know why. i just do.

19. i'm left-handed, but only when i write or use chop-sticks. i am right-handed for everything else like guitar and sports. not sure if that makes me ambidextrous.

20. i believe that we are not alone in the universe.

21. at 6, i told everyone my life ambition was to be a doctor, when what i really wanted to be was a ninja whose alter ego was a doctor. i got a black belt in taekwondo at the age of 12. but never went on to become a ninja.

22. starting things is easy for me. finishing it is the difficult part.

23. when i was a baby, i would cry all night and keep my parents awake. then they found out why : during the day, in my godparents' house, i would sleep all afternoon. until today, i am still nocturnal.

24. all my clocks are set exactly 15 minutes fast. i am still always late.

25. i went to my first strip club with my mom.

26. i know what mud tastes like.

27. i like my cereal soggy and my ice-cream melty.

28. the first time i crowd surfed was at Rock the World 2000, the first of a series of Malaysian annual day-long concerts. the last time i crowd surfed was at a Silverchair concert.

29. my first friends in primary school were girls.

30. i love christmas carols.

31. i stayed up the whole night until the morning of the new millennium to climb a hill with friends and watch the sun rise.

32. i have never spent a night in a hospital. except after birth.

33. i want to have a child by the time i am 33.

34. i had a crush on jessica rabbit

35. the movie i've seen the most times is Transformers: the movie.

36. my mother threatens to have a heart-attack if i get tattooed. i still hope to get one eventually.

37. i almost joined the british territorial army, while in university, to earn money and get (proper) army experience. because i come from a commonwealth country, i was eligible. i went for their induction evening but i never sent in the form because my friends chickened out and i didn't want to do it alone.

38. i once took part in a Man-In-Black impersonation competition and won second place. the prize was a phone i sold to buy my first digital camera, my first formal suit and a hotel room stay, where i threw a big drunken party for my college friends.

39. the first article i got published in a newspaper was about the dangers of india and pakistan's nuclear weapon testing.

40. my first appearance in a newspaper was at the age of 3. it was a picture of me drawing in a colouring competition and the article mentioned how i was too young to take part, but i wanted to show that i could do what my older sisters could.

41. my father used to tell me that trees would grow out of me if i swallowed grape seeds. until i got older, i thought my dad could in fact dismember his thumb from his hand. his false teeth, however, turned out to be real.

42. my grandfather was a commando in Force 136, a crack team of soldiers put together by the british army to fight the japanese in world war 2. he attended the victory parade in london at the end of the war.

43. when i was young, i watched a documentary about eliphantisis, a disease spread by mosquitos. after that i would only sleep if i was fully covered by blankets.

44. i am a serial jay-walker.

45. i cannot drive manual transmission cars. i often lie and say i can.

46. i once had a bout of hiccups that lasted for months. i even hiccup-ed in my sleep. i went to see a doctor about it and he had no idea how to treat it. eventually, it stopped. i was 18 years old.

47. i once stuck a seed up my nose. it took a doctor 4 hours to get it out. i was 5 years old.

48. i have 4 separate bank accounts.

49. my first website was a collection of poetry in 2000. it still exists.

50. my first band was called the flamingo villa band and the first songs we performed onstage were, stephenwolf's born to be wild, dire straits' money for nothing and goo goo doll's slide.

51. i was in a short video that won a Malaysian Video Award in 1999. it was called "dark monologues" and shot in my bedroom by my best friend.

52. the first time i got drunk, i was 15. it was on a jug of long island ice tea. still love the drink.

53. my great grandfather supposedly died drinking guiness. the men in my family are supposed to only drink guiness. i'm not crazy about the black stuff, but don't mind a pint or two either- just to keep up the family tradition.

54. other than a dog, i have kept hamsters, spiders, frogs, turtles, rabbits, fish and a snake as pets. the snake didn't last long. my dad wanted to keep it, but my mom threatened with divorce.

55. my favourite spice girl is victoria. my favourite mutant turtle is raphael. my favourite beatle is john lennon. my favourite voltron tiger is the green one. my favourite transformer is blaster - the one which transformed into a radio. my favourite x-men are nightcrawler, blink and wolverine.

56. i love penang island. my parents grew up and fell in love there. i have a strong affinity to it and consider it my second home.

57. because i'm so light, i can do one-armed push-ups.

58. i can not stand the smell of nutmeg and the taste of celery.

59. my favourite painting is "starry night" by vincent van gogh. i love how tangible his paintings are. there are many different versions of his life story, i prefer the romanticized version.

60. as a child i used to feel very sad whenever i heard the song "Tell Laura I Love Her" by Ray Peterson.

61. i only dance with alcohol. and it's not a pleasant sight.

62. i once ran a business selling packets of ashes as fertilizer to my neighbours. it did good. we had 200% profits. 

63. my idea of power and success is influenced by people like bono, gandhi, lee kuan yew, my father and richard branson.

64. my favourite beatles song is "i am the walrus".

65. i used to make sandwiches and give blankets to homeless people in London.

66. i've rescued dogs from drains on two separate occasions.

67. my parents get along really well with my friends. i wonder if i'll have the same capability.

68. i tend to look people in the eye. living in London for 3 years has made me stop looking strangers in the eye. instead, i just walk past them, staring straight ahead at the street, simply because that's the way it is here.

69. at this point, i have lost recollection of what i've written before #69 and might start repeating myself.

70. my best friend is an indian fledging movie director. i think i will always envy him for knowing exactly what he wants and going for it. we've gone through incredible things together and it's hard to imagine how i'd be like now if i hadn't met him. for the first time since we've met, we will be living in different countries next year. distance from each other is sometimes a good thing.

71. my first best friend was boy from a mixed malay-chinese family. his family moved overseas when we were 10 and i learnt how to depend on myself for companionship at an early age.

72. i am usually pound foolish and penny wise.

73. i am pretty slow to catch onto fads. i like quirky things, but i'm not too adventurous when it comes to owning stuff.

74. i believe desire is sometimes better left unfulfilled. anticipation is a good thing. it leads to better appreciation. needless to say, i desire many things that i have yet coveted.

75. i dislike reading fiction. but i resort to it when i need to experience ideas and words. the best fiction i've read were in graphic novels. i have a short attention span. i still like to think, however, that i am well read.

76. i once sold trading cards to friends at 400% mark-ups. it was then i knew i wanted to become a yuppy consultant.

77. my favourite soft-toy is a koala bear i've owned since age 3.

78. i think "splendid" is a silly word.

79. i actually like cooking. i know a few cardinal rules about cooking, but not much else. i especially like cooking for other people. mixing drinks is also extremely fulfilling for me.

80. onions rank high on my list of favourite ingredients. not much into garlic tho.

81. if i were a monster, i'd be a werewolf. the moon relationship and the dual personality dynamic is appealing to me. but somehow vampires get better chicks :(

82. if someone i don't respect raves about a book i havent read or a movie i havent seen, i'd boycott it, simply because i'd think i was above it. i'm bitchy that way.

83. i'll try anything at least once, except permanent things like losing my anal virginity, killing someone, destroying my comic book collection and getting a criminal record. i would try sleeping in a prison cell for a night though.

84. i believe in horoscopes and connect especially well with other geminians. i don't believe in the chinese lunar horoscopes.

85. i have mild obsessive compulsive disorder, and not just because it's a cool buzzword now. but i won't tell you about my habits because it's too neurotic and personal. only close friends know about some of them and only i know all of them.

86. i am most comfortable when i am writing. i prefer typing to writing. i like my bad handwriting. it is not a priority to me to enable others to read my handwritten script.

87. i prefer fruit juices to fizzy drinks anytime.

88. the only sports i really understand are football, badminton and taekwondo. i think synchronized swimmers are scary. i know for a fact that rhythmic gymnasts are quirky.

89. i have cross-dressed in public on two occasions. be warned, there may be more!

90. my favourite dance is the congo. no skill required.

91. i am very proud of the neighbourhood i grew up in. i think it's the best in malaysia. kids of all races played safely on the streets and there were many different parks to choose to go to.

92. i have two stitches on the back of my head.

93. i have had many hobbies throughout my life. i only stick to a few. some once-upon-a-time pastimes included cross-stitch and stamp collecting.

94. i want to live in new york for a stint. i like the vibrance of major world cities. it gives me a glimpse into a globalized future. having said that, i feel most comfortable on sparsely populated islands.

95. my dream home will include a zen-garden of some sort and an audio-visual room. i am confident that i will eventually achieve this.

96. i write like i take photographs. so i can freeze moments, like water, and enable myself to hold it and pass it on to others. i take many random photographs, some silly, some meaningful but always as honest as possible. i don't know if i take photographs/write because i enjoy life or whether i enjoy life because i write/ take photographs.

97. i like grocery shopping and arranging newly bought groceries into the fridge, cupboard etc.

98. i like the cold side of the pillow.

99. i live in organized chaos. my music files in my computer are organized, but not in a way anyone other than me will understand. the same is applicable to my clothes, etc.

100. i am comfortable in my body. i never feel that how i look affects the way i live. however, i do feel good when i dress well. i do not dress well often because i don't need to feel good all the time.

101. i like my name. even my chinese one. when i was born, my parents got some great calligrapher/chinese writing specialist to design my name. it was a unique way of writing it which supposedly gave it a very intelligent-scholarly feel. unfortunately, the script it was written in is now lost and no one knows how to duplicate it. i will never know how to write my chinese name as it was given to me. until i find out otherwise, i will consider it to be the most utterly unique and mysterious thing i own.


now that you've read my long, long list of useless information, it won't be too much to ask for you to tell me something random about you :-